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FTSE China Index Series Quarterly Review

— One addition to the FTSE China A50 Index in this review period

188金博宝富时罗素(FTSERussell)今天宣布了富时中国指数系列季度回顾的结果。中国长江电力(A)加入富时中国A50指数,因此,华能国际(A)将从富时中国A50指数中删除。There were no changes to the FTSE China 50 Index in this review period.

The full FTSE China Index Series is reviewed in accordance with the index ground rules.



The FTSE China 50 Index is a tradable index which captures the largest investable Chinese stocks (H Shares,香港交易所上市的筹码和红筹股。

富时中国综合指数系列的其他指数也发生了一些变化,该系列指数由260多个A股指数组成。B股,H Shares,红筹股,P芯片Hong Kong stocks and Bonds.  Full details of all inclusions and exclusions for the FTSE China Index Series can be obtained在这里.  All changes will be made effective from start of trading on 19 December 2016.


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About 188金博宝FTSE Russell

188金博宝富时罗素是提供创新基准的全球指数领导者,为全球投资者提供分析和数据解决方案。富时罗素(FTSE Russell)计算了数千个指数,这些指数衡量和基准了188金博宝70多个国家的市场和资产类别。覆盖全球98%的可投资市场。

188金博宝富时罗素指数的专业知识和产品被全球机构和散户投资者广泛使用。目前,大约10万亿美元是富时罗素指数的基准。188金博宝30多年来,leading asset owners,资产管理公司ETF providers and investment banks have chosen 188金博宝FTSE Russell indexes to benchmark their investment performance and create ETFs,结构性产品和基于指数的衍生产品。

A core set of universal principles guides 188金博宝FTSE Russell index design and management: a transparent rules-based methodology is informed by independent committees of leading market participants.188金博宝FTSE Russell is focused on applying the highest industry standards in index design and governance,and embraces the IOSCO principles.188金博宝富时罗素(FTSE Russell)还专注于指数创新和客户合作,以期增强其广度。发行的深度和范围。



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